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Monitor Arms

The advent of flat screen technology gave us the opportunity to get monitors off the desk and on to an arm which gives the user personal control over the height, distance, angle and orientation of their monitor. Most, but not all flat-panel screens are supplied with a universal VESA fixing at the rear which allows them to be mounted on these fully adjustable arms. The Monitor Arm has another advantage over conventional monitor risers and that is that it leaves the desk completely clear for other work activities.
Monitor arms can support two or more monitors or any combination of monitors, laptops or tablets and can provide the perfect solution for multi-screen working.

VQ Monitor Arm from

VQ Monitor Arm

£59.95 Ex VAT
£71.94 Inc VAT

Dataflex Viewlite Plus from

Dataflex Viewlite Plus

£142.50 Ex VAT
£171.00 Inc VAT

Dataflex Viewlite 58.122 from

Dataflex Viewlite 58.122

£113.99 Ex VAT
£136.79 Inc VAT

Viewgo Monitor Arm from

Viewgo Monitor Arm

£69.49 Ex VAT
£83.39 Inc VAT

Ollin Monitor Arm from

Ollin Monitor Arm

£149.00 Ex VAT
£178.80 Inc VAT

CBS Flo Monitor Arm from

CBS Flo Monitor Arm

£123.00 Ex VAT
£147.60 Inc VAT

CBS Rodney Monitor Arm from

CBS Rodney Monitor Arm

£89.99 Ex VAT
£107.99 Inc VAT

Viewmate Plus from

Viewmate Plus

£163.00 Ex VAT
£195.60 Inc VAT