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Portable laptop stands

Portable laptop stands would suit a laptop user who occasionally wants to change their place of work but maintain their ergonomic working posture. Generally these stands will fold flat enough to put away in a laptop bag, but will not be as slim or light as the ultra-light ones.

Laplift from


£29.55 Ex VAT
£35.46 Inc VAT

Touchdown from


£36.60 Ex VAT
£43.92 Inc VAT

Ergo-Stand from


£49.75 Ex VAT
£59.70 Inc VAT

Tiramisu from


£38.45 Ex VAT
£46.14 Inc VAT

Ergo M-Pro from

Ergo M-Pro

£61.95 Ex VAT
£74.34 Inc VAT

VQ Comfortline from

VQ Comfortline

£37.50 Ex VAT
£45.00 Inc VAT

Laptop Easel from

Laptop Easel

£24.62 Ex VAT
£29.54 Inc VAT