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Desk-top laptop stands

Desk-top laptop stands are perfect for laptop users who always work from the same desk or for ‘hot-desk’ applications where the laptop stand becomes part of the desktop-kit. As the priority shifts from the portability, these stands often include other features such as cooling fans, document holders or USB hubs.

Bento® Ergonomic Toolbox from

Bento® Ergonomic Toolbox

£72.00 Ex VAT
£86.40 Inc VAT

Modulo from


£29.45 Ex VAT
£35.34 Inc VAT

iCE from


£74.95 Ex VAT
£89.94 Inc VAT

Hi-Riser from


£26.99 Ex VAT
£32.39 Inc VAT

ErgoNote from


£49.95 Ex VAT
£59.94 Inc VAT

mStand from


£53.95 Ex VAT
£64.74 Inc VAT

MacBook stand from

MacBook stand

£57.45 Ex VAT
£68.94 Inc VAT

Laptop Quick Lift from

Laptop Quick Lift

£34.60 Ex VAT
£41.52 Inc VAT