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Varidesk Pro

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The VARIDESK is a retrofit adjustable platform that sits on top of your existing desk. It is an affordable solution for those looking for an adjustable desk for either their home or office.

To operate simply squeeze the handles to raise the VARIDESK using the spring-assisted mechanism. Once standing, you can use your computer as normal. When you feel like a change then reverse the process to return to a seated position. This dynamic way of working will benefit your health and productivity.

The Varidesk Pro30 & Pro36 versions both have one elevating work surface which serves as a monitor/laptop riser when in the lowered position. The static keyboard surface is only used in the lowered position. When you want to work standing up you simply adjust the work surface to your give your ideal monitor height and flip your keyboard and mouse up to the work surface. (Some users find a wireless keyboard and mouse makes the transition even simpler)

Pro 30 version:

  • Worksurface adjusts up to a height of 39.3cm).
  • Work surface measures 76.2cmW x 50.8cmD.
  • Keyboard surface measures 76.2cmW x 33cmD.
  • Keyboard surface adjusts to and fro on desk.
  • Holds up to 15kg.
  • Product Weight - 21kg.
  • Product Dimensions Flat 17.7cmH x 81.2cmW x71.1cm D.
  • Product Dimensions Raised: 39.3cmH x 81.2cmW x 71.1cmD.


Pro 36 version:

  • Worksurface adjusts upward to a height of 39.3cm.
  • Work surface measures 91.4cmWx 80.8cmD.
  • Keyboard surface measures 91.4cmW x 50.8cmD.
  • Keyboard surface adjusts to and fro on desk.
  • Holds up to 15kg.
  • Product Weight - 26kg.
  • Product Dimensions Flat 17.7cmH x 96.5cmW x 76.2cmD.
  • Product Dimensions Raised 39.3cmH x 96.5cmW x 76.2cmD.


    • Work comfortably either sitting or standing.
    • Spring-assisted lift for effortless adjustment.
    • Delivered fully-assembled and sets up in less than five minutes.
    • Free companion app gives you sit and stand alerts.
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