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About Us

Visual-Q was established in 2002 to bring the best products and services in the field of healthy computing together under one roof and make them accessible to end users, specifiers and employers alike.

To do what we do well, we have to offer a diverse range of products and so we are constantly evaluating new items from manufacturers from all over the world, but by remaining independent of individual suppliers we remain objective in selecting the right product to match a particular requirement. 

We are proud that customer and supplier relationships formed in our early days continue today and that we have proved that a commitment to offering the highest levels of service and business integrity is not too old-fashioned a concept. As an SME we know the real meaning of ‘value for money ‘and in a competitive market recycling and cutting energy consumption are second nature to us.

We offer a range of practical, ergonomic solutions for computer users in the office, at home and on the move and with award-winning workstation assessment software and an on-site assessment service we help organisations, large and small, to attain compliance with DSE regulations and promote healthy computing practices.

Our on-line shop,, was born of research we carried out into the ergonomics of laptop use and soon it became the definitive source for accessories related to mobile computing.  Our portfolio has expanded since then to include height-adjustable desks, desktop risers, compact keyboards, laptop bags and many other ergonomic desktop products.