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Laptop stands

Laptop computers were designed primarily as portable devices but the inherent features of the typical ‘clamshell’ design are at odds with ergonomic working. This, together with the trend for using laptops rather than desktops as a main computer has led to a demand for laptop stands, which elevate the screen and encourage an improved working posture. The laptop stand is now the healthy computing essential for laptop users at home, in the office or on the move and here we have brought together the widest range of laptop stands in the UK for you to compare and buy.

ErgoNote from


£49.95 Ex VAT
£59.94 Inc VAT

mStand from


£53.95 Ex VAT
£64.74 Inc VAT

Ergo M-Pro from

Ergo M-Pro

£61.95 Ex VAT
£74.34 Inc VAT

MacBook stand from

MacBook stand

£57.45 Ex VAT
£68.94 Inc VAT

VQ Comfortline from

VQ Comfortline

£37.50 Ex VAT
£45.00 Inc VAT

Easy Laptop Desk from

Easy Laptop Desk

£89.00 Ex VAT
£106.80 Inc VAT

ECHO laptop stand from

ECHO laptop stand

£75.95 Ex VAT
£91.14 Inc VAT

Laptop Quick Lift from

Laptop Quick Lift

£34.60 Ex VAT
£41.52 Inc VAT