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Laptop Kits

In order to set-up an ergonomic workstation with your laptop stand you will need an external keyboard and mouse.
We have paired some of our most popular laptop stands with suitable keyboards or keyboard & mouse sets to make an ergonomic laptop kits.

Wireless Pro from

Wireless Pro

£36.90 Ex VAT
£44.28 Inc VAT

Ultraslim Compact Keyboard from

Ultraslim Compact Keyboard

£22.45 Ex VAT
£26.94 Inc VAT

Wireless Flip-Mouse from

Wireless Flip-Mouse

£19.55 Ex VAT
£23.46 Inc VAT

USB keyboard & mouse set from

USB keyboard & mouse set

£18.50 Ex VAT
£22.20 Inc VAT

Vertical grip mouse from

Vertical grip mouse

£32.75 Ex VAT
£39.30 Inc VAT