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  Ergonomic essentials for laptop users at home, in the office or on the move.  
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Laplift laptop stand:
Laplift laptop stand
£26.55 + VAT
A fold-flat stand packed with features including in-line copy holder and swivel base.
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Ergofold 2 Stand:
Ergofold 2 Stand
£48.99 + VAT
Fold flat, feather-light stand to stow in your laptop bag.
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Touchdown Stand:
Touchdown Stand
£36.60 + VAT
Fold-flat aluminium stand with swivel base for collaborative working.
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UTop Stand:
UTop Stand
£42.45 + VAT
Ultra-light folding stand with 6 heights and grip where it matters.
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£49.75 + VAT
High quality aluminium stand with unique fold-away design.
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Scala evo D:
Scala evo D
£41.00 + VAT
An ultra-thin portable laptop stand with integral copy holder.

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Easy Laptop Desk:
Easy Laptop Desk
£59.90 + VAT
A useful folding table for use at a table in bed or on the floor.

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Notepal Stand:
Notepal Stand
£49.95 + VAT
This new generation of multi-function desktop stand features 4 USB ports and a cooling fan.

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£38.45 + VAT
This Italian designed and manufactured product offers 16 different height settings.

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Agile Laptop Stand:
Agile Laptop Stand
£58.95 + VAT
The Agile stand attaches to the base of the laptop so that the user is never without their ergonomic solution.
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Ergo M-Pro::
Ergo M-Pro:
£61.95 + VAT
A compact, user-friendly portable laptop stand which folds for transportation.

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CBS Lapjack:
CBS Lapjack
£56.00 + VAT
Lapjack is a stylish portable aluminium stand which has five height settings and features an integral in-line copy holder.
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Modulo Stand:
Modulo Stand
£25.70 + VAT
A simple, variable
height riser, which can
be used to elevate a
notebook or flat screen

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Kensington SmartFit:
Kensington SmartFit
£43.25 + VAT
Slip your laptop into this excellent desk-top stand and raise your laptop to a the perfect viewing height.

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Cool Stand:
Cool Stand
£28.95 + VAT
Award winning
fold-away stand
designed to allow
convection cooling.

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Smart Sleeve:
Smart Sleeve
£94.45 + VAT
A slim-line alternative to a laptop bag with integral laptop stand.

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Posture Pouch:
Posture Pouch
£61.49 + VAT
The original combined wrap/ laptop stand for always there ergonomics.

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U Top Pro:
U Top Pro
£54.95 + VAT
The U Top Pro is one of the lightest and thinnest laptop stand in the market.

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ECHO laptop stand:
ECHO laptop stand
£75.95 + VAT
ECHO laptop stand from Ergonomic Café can be configured to precisely suit each user.
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High Top:
High Top
£62.95 + VAT
The High Top is the first laptop solution designed specifically for compact 10 to 13" laptops.
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iCE Stand:
iCE Stand
£74.95 + VAT
Probably the most
stable of all our stands
with extra-high

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Hi-Riser stand:
Hi-Riser stand
£26.99 + VAT
Robust, semi-portable
stand with large
footprint for up to 17”

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ErgoAid Stand:
ErgoAid Stand
£19.95 + VAT
Robust, folding stand with for use with small laptops.

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Dataflex ErgoNote:
Dataflex ErgoNote
£49.95 + VAT
The ErgoNote 49.450 notebook stand is a height adjustable acrylic notebook riser.

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£51.95 + VAT
The mStand is a great
looking laptop stand
designed for
Macbooks, but also
suits most other
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